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In Which Chukti Meet a Stranger
The sea claimed another victim. The night’s emissary brushed against the depths of the ocean, a steel craft sputtering across a thundering expanse of watery death. The arts of tide triumphed over the arts of steel in a confrontation of drenching cold. It was a chart-breaking storm that severed the charted path of the vessel and left the emissary to slip and fall into the unknown. Just like that, a stream of consciousness drizzles out into a curious repose. The water has settled and the dawn has emerged on the secluded island of L’Ekogna.
Chukti emerged from her hammock disheveled and restless. She found some grass scattered on her person and quickly discovered that they were yanked out of her skirt. She had stirred tonight. The relentless sounds of the night gave her reason to believe that great uncle Pwequod was aware that she often split the pesto sauce unevenly in her own favor. Chukti started her day by polishing her late great uncle’s raho fish totem in tribute.
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Gingerbread Boy Goes Courting
Brad the Gingerbread Boy is the star of the Fast Foods foot race team. Everyone says that boy is a lemon meringue cheetah on the track. Everyone but his teammate Vinegar, daughter of the Muffin Man. That cantankerous slice of vinegar pie is Brad’s only real competition for fastest runner, don’t let the cute pie crust mini-dress fool you. She would regularly bark out:
“Run, run as fast as you can, Ginger Snap! Next time you’re mine!”
   It wasn’t until semi-finals that such an event occurred. Brad found himself distracted by the sight of a sweet little honey biscuit in the audience, allowing Vinegar to weave by him in the final stretch. He’d be hearing no small amount of her bragging later on, but right now he let her bluster to the rest of the team so he could find that girl. Brad caught her wavy honey hair hovering around the outside of the track and busted out one of his surefire lady-killer icebreakers:
“What’s up, girl
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United States
I've been lurking around deviantart for a bit and I've decided to flood my favorites with damsel art. I was worried what people would think if I had it in my favorites, but I feel that its time to own my affinity for tied up girls and such. My freak flag is flying high now!

As for my gallery, I only really update it occasionally. It's just easier to look at other people's art and goof off with games and movies instead of be productive. But for you watchers who have been waiting to see something, I have good news: This semester at college I'll be in a creative writing class and an English club. You may be seeing some written work from me once it's presentable. Exciting!
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